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Special Events

2013 Oct 31, Open House & Havest Party.

1, 2012 Christmas party video.

Click here to watch 2012 Christmas party video.

2. Curriculum Night (October)

An evening for parents to meet with the teachers and to find out more about the classroom curriculum. Classrooms are set up to provide parents with hands-on activities that will allow them to experience a typical day at GSDC.

3. Christmas concert (December) / Easter concert (April)

Families and friends are invited to enjoy a night of wonderful performances that include singing, dancing, role-playing, ………….and more!!

4. Progress report ( January and June)

Children’s progress reports are sent home twice a year. We also provide opportunity for parents to meet with teachers formally to discuss your child’s progress.

5. Summer camp ( July and August)

Our summer camp offers the range of opportunities for children to explore from Bible camp, drama workshops, to sports training and leadership, and even including health and fitness programs. There are just so many creative and fun activities for children to engage in and enhance their learning skills!
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